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THR Volunteer Ambassadors


This is a project activity under THR Malawi which seeks to orient individuals from a diverse backgrounds to the tobacco harm reduction concept using online platforms. 

The role of the volunteer ambassadors is to help in spreading quitting and tobacco harm reduction messages to smokers by the use of social media and word of mouth.

In 2018, we oriented twenty four volunteers and in 2019, we managed to orient seventy seven volunteer ambassadors whom upon successful completion of the sessions, they got awarded certificates of participation. Topics covered included; Tobacco Harm Reduction description, Truth about Nicotine and Safer Nicotine Technologies; and Human Rights and THR.


The aim of raising volunteer ambassadors is help in putting scientifically proven information in the hands of smokers so that they can be able to make more informed personal health choices.

How to join future orientation cohorts

We usualy post calls on our social media platforms but you can also express interest before hand by sending an email to