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By Wilfred Jekete
Participants during the workshop
Group photo of participants at the end of the workshop

As part of an on-going implementation process in order to promote tobacco Harm Reduction strategies through Capacity Building and Advocacy, promoting the uptake of the role in Tobacco Harm Reduction by public health advocacy groups seems so vital. It is for this reason that Wilfred Jekete, an enhanced Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholar has started the facilitation of role up-take by orienting other Public Health Advocacy groups to the concept of Tobacco Harm Reduction and strategies through capacity building.

On 30-31 July, capacity building sessions was held in Salima district in the central Region of Malawi with a group called Salima Aids Support Organization (SASO) with 14 people under one umbrella being oriented to the concept of Tobacco Harm Reduction, the group has been in advocacy for almost 15 years and it has been spearheading advocacy campaigns in Harm reduction at a district level in the sectors of Malaria, HIV/AIDS and other health issues that are of public interest.

Having this background in advocacy and harm reduction, orienting the group to the concept of Tobacco Harm Reduction and strategies as well social and health impacts of combustible tobacco smoking to an individual as well as the public seems so vital as it will allow the group to use its experience in harm reduction plus the new knowledge and understand on Tobacco Harm Reduction and Nicotine science to advocate for tobacco harm reduction and clear misconception that people have on Nicotine at a district level thereby facilitating the making of informed health choices.

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  1. Edwin Jumbo

    This will prevent the damage tobbacco cause such live cirrhosis (cancer of the liver), lung disease ,cancer of throat and dependence which lead to mental stress . As the adage goes prevention is better than cure.

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