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Tobacco Harm Reduction: Evidence Update

“Concerns that aim to protect non-users are often more influential in driving policy changes than evidence that points to a benefit for smokers. And, this will only result in policies that aim to restrict the availability of e-cigarettes, even as it places many current smokers at the considerable risk of continued smoking. It is therefore of the utmost importance that the most recent and robust research and evidence is considered when proposing actions that may have potential to act as a harm reduction tool for both current and future smokers.”

08 August, 2019

FilterAfrican Experts Explain Their Challenges in Reducing Tobacco Harms

“Going into it, you should be aware beforehand that risk-reduced nicotine products such as e-cigs or heat-not-burn products are an expensive option for most of the smoking population in countries like Malawi, and currently we do not have a powerful force of demand that can scale up supply large enough to affect the price or affordability of purchase, running and maintenance of such products,” Lungu told Filter. “Such an intervention would be more effective among the more affluent members of society.”

“For the underprivileged smokers,” he continued, “your safest bet would be something along the lines of snus. The advantage with Malawi, in this case, is that it already grows a lot of tobacco, which is the main ingredient in making snus.” Click to read more….

29 July, 2019

ATI logoNew Fellowship and Scholarship Fund for Students in Malawi Now Accepting Applications

Institute of International Education to Oversee Fellowship and Scholarship Fund to Send Malawian Students to the United States or South Africa for Graduate Study or Postdoctoral Research

July 22, 2019 (NEW YORK, NY) – The Agricultural Transformation Initiative (ATI) has awarded a grant to the Institute of International Education, Inc. (IIE) for the launch of the pilot Fellowship and Scholarship Fund (FSF). This new initiative is designed to strengthen capacity in research areas related to agricultural transformation in Malawi. The FSF will be designed, implemented, and administered by IIE in coordination with the Lilongwe University of Agriculture & Natural Resources (LUANAR). The fund will support more than 20 fellowships and scholarships for graduate study and postdoctoral research in the United States or South Africa. Click here to Read more…

24 July, 2019

Panel Of Experts Encourage Physicians To Utilize Vaping To Prevent Smoking

Vaping has already changed the lives of countless smokers across the world. This is all the more impressive given the relatively short time modern vaping has existed. However, despite the millions of former smokers who can attest to the incredible power of e-cigarettes, a large portion of the population remains skeptical about their value. That said, the vaping community has come a long way in the last ten years. These claims are now also backed with a growing pile of peer-reviewed evidence to the harm reduction and smoking cessation value of vaping. […]

16 July, 2019.

You Don’t Know Nicotine – Official Documentary Teaser

An unbelievable documentary about nicotine & the teen vaping epidemic. Coming to theaters spring 2020. In this movie, we go behind the headlines to get the real stories of teens who are vaping nicotine and those trying to help them.

09 July, 2019

Smoking ‘damages eyes as well as lungs’

Millions of people in the UK are putting their sight at risk by continuing to smoke, warn specialists. Despite the clear connection, only one in five people recognise that smoking can lead to blindness, a poll for the Association of Optometrists (AOP) finds. Smokers are twice as likely to lose their sight compared with non-smokers, says the RNIB. That is because tobacco smoke can cause and worsen a number of eye conditions.

6 July, 2019