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Harm Reduction Advocacy Groups in Dealing with Tobacco Smoking

Group photo; Wilfred Jekete with members of Good Health Organisation in Kasungu district.

Public health advocacy groups play a vital role in promoting health and protecting health rights of people as universally declared by the United Nations. This is evidenced by their involvement in various public health programs including HIV and AIDS which employs the element of harm reduction as a major weapon in advancing the zero Aids goal. Interestingly, these groups have well established structures starting from the grassroots. Active involvement of the grassroots guarantees effective and sustainability of initiatives being undertaken.

However, there has been little or no visible effort by Malawian public health advocacy groups in effort of phasing out tobacco cigarettes by promoting quitting and harm reduction. Notably, this is due to lack of adequate capacity to deliver in this field. This being the status quo, THR Malawi is engaging in capacity building of grassroot public health advocacy groups with the aim of building capacity in tobacco harm reduction.

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