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GFN20 goes online!

Extracted from the GFN website

In-person meetings may be impossible, but this remains a critical time in nicotine science, policy and tobacco harm reduction – and so the GFN conference organisers are inviting you to attend a virtual GFN20 on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 June. Brand new presentations from top speakers on the theme ‘Nicotine: science, ethics and human rights’ will ensure the latest research, ideas and solutions are shared with the GFN community. This virtual event is free to access and open to all.

Each year, GFN attracts participants from a hugely diverse range of groups, professions and disciplines. These include scientists, policy analysts, regulators and standards experts, academics and researchers, parliamentarians, public health professionals, consumer advocates, and developers, manufacturers and distributors of alternative nicotine products. Each brings a different perspective, contributing to our belief that GFN truly is the only place where science and policy meet.

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