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Documentaries; Smoker Experiences and Tobacco Harm Reduction in Malawi

Project Summary

This project will showcase peoples experience with tobacco smoking in Malawi, featuring perspectives from current smokers, those that have successfully quit smoking, non-smokers, and public health experts on tobacco harm reduction. The clips will feature themes on the cultural perceptions towards smoking, the physical, mental, social and economic effects of smoking, barriers to smoking cessation, underage smoking, public smoking, smoking cessation interventions, knowledge of tobacco harm reduction and safer nicotine delivery technologies.

The project will feature three video clips; The first clip will focus on current smokers and those who have quit smoking, the second clip will feature children and non-smokers, and the third clip will feature public health personnel and other stakeholders. Upon completion, the videos will be made available on multiple local media stations and online media for broadcasting. The project is primarily run by Blandina Nkhata and Sahan Lungu  under Knowledge Action Change (KAC).

Goal of the Project

The project seeks to achieve the following; raise public awareness on smoker experiences and tobacco harms in Malawi using visual media and enhance public understanding of tobacco harm reduction so that people should be able to make informed choices when it comes to tobacco smoking and harm reduction interventions.

Project Objectives

  • To showcase people’s perceptions on tobacco smoking and tobacco harm reduction interventions.
  • To raise awareness on the harms of tobacco smoking and proven smoking cessation interventions.
  • To clear up misconceptions on alternative nicotine products and tobacco harm reduction.

Be on the lookout for our documentaries to be released soon on this page!