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Cigarette butts; a threat to the health of under-five children.

By Vita Mithi (THR_Malawi Volunteer Ambassador)

Imagine this; you are a tobacco farmer or you are a manager at one of cigarette manufacturing companies in one of the poorest countries, each year, profits from tobacco made cigarette keep increasing because increasing populations of adolescents are initiated into smoking.  You take a walk in a semi-urban setting you find that your child has a fresh cigarette butt in his or her hand which has been littered by a smoker.

Later on the child falls sick and is diagnosed with multi drug resistant tuberculosis and lung cancer. Click Cigarette butt; a threat to the health of under-five children to learn more….

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  1. king Kanjirawaya

    Smoking is really killing the young ones slowly. Thanks for writing this article. We all have power to protect the children from harm caused by tobacco

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