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Tobacco Free Kids

More than 5,000 children within the age range of 10 to 15 smoke tobacco in Malawi- Tobacco Atlas. Continue reading Tobacco Free Kids

Protecting non-smokers from secondhand smoke

Although some research studies have established a strong relationship between smoking and alcohol consumption, it is also important to pin point that not all alcohol consumers are smokers. It is interesting to learn that some liquor outlets in Malawi, like the one in the image above, which is located at Bwandilo in Lilongwe, recognize the harmful effects of smoking and have declared their alcohol drinking spaces as smoke free zones. Other liquor outlet owners should emulate from this thoughtful and good practice.

Effects of second-hand smoke

By Dumase Gzambo Mapemba and Chimwemwe Ngoma

As published in the Malawi News on 15 September, 2018

“Second-hand Smoke (SHS) is one of the most important and most widespread exposures in the indoors environment. The link between secondhand smoke and several health outcomes such as respiratory infections, heart diseases, lung cancer and asthma have long been established” reads the Global Health Observatory (GHO) data by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Continue reading Effects of second-hand smoke

Celebrating Creativity and Innovation in a Smoke-Free Zone at the Ufulu Festival


A smoking ban notice at the the 2018 Ufulu Festival

This year’s independence celebrations brought with it a number of attractive and well organized events, one of which is the Ufulu Festival which took place at the Civil Stadium in Lilongwe. The festival was patronized in large numbers with the youth in majority. The organizers of the event brought on stage high quality performers, artistic artwork, not to mention the excellent sound system. Creativity and innovation was displayed and celebrated throughout the event.

It is important to commend the organizers of the 2018 Ufulu event for giving the audience a show to remember and giving a good example to other social event organizers by creating a smoke free and a drug abuse free zone. Continue reading Celebrating Creativity and Innovation in a Smoke-Free Zone at the Ufulu Festival