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Call for THR Volunteer Ambassadors

THR Malawi is pleased to call for expression of interest on its second cohort of THR Volunteer Ambassadors (VAs) online orientations. The session will take place from 7-9 September, 2019.

Role of VAs

  • Sharing tobacco harm reduction related material to their various social media platforms.
  • Encouraging their peers to be smoke-free.
  • Standing up to the tobacco industry and its deceptive marketing.
  • Urging elected leaders to take action.

You can express interest by completing a form on the button below! It will take you less than a minute to finish!

 Check out an interview with one of our THR Volunteer Ambassadors now a Global Tobacco Harm Reduction scholar at a scholars meeting in Warsaw, Poland.

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  1. Wezzie nyirongo

    I logged on to your website to know more about THR, despite knowing tobacco smoking is hazardous I did not know that there are ways and methods of reducing harm, I had always placed smoking using a pipe so to say as one of the ways of fueling but through this platform it’s an eye opener

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