Wheel of Tobacco Regulation

We must take the initiative to use these interventions more vigorously. This will require governments, civil society, researchers to work together. The Tobacco Atlas

Tobacco Smoking as a Superstition/ Medicine

By Vita Mithi

Tobacco smoking is understood to have superstitious elements in some parts of rural Rumphi and Balaka districts. Superstition can be defined as any belief or practice that is considered absurd to scientists; it can also be referred to as a religion not practiced by the majority of a given society regardless of whether the prevailing religion contains irrational beliefs. Continue reading Tobacco Smoking as a Superstition/ Medicine

Effects of second-hand smoke

By Dumase Gzambo Mapemba and Chimwemwe Ngoma

As published in the Malawi News on 15 September, 2018

“Second-hand Smoke (SHS) is one of the most important and most widespread exposures in the indoors environment. The link between secondhand smoke and several health outcomes such as respiratory infections, heart diseases, lung cancer and asthma have long been established” reads the Global Health Observatory (GHO) data by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Continue reading Effects of second-hand smoke

Mkamanga’s testimony on tobacco harms

On 5 September, 2018, Tobacco Harm Reduction team had an opportunity to converse with Mr. Kumbukani Mkamanga, a Nursing Officer, medical ward at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe. During the interaction, Mkamanga mentioned that most of the patients he receives in the ward suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and lung cancer which are caused by smoking and inhaling of tobacco smoke. Continue reading Mkamanga’s testimony on tobacco harms


By Lonjezo Idrissa

In a country like Malawi, some people get initiated to tobacco smoking at a very tender age, some as young as 10 years old. As they grow up, the behavior continues, this makes them to grow addiction over time. Other people reach the extent of smoking more than four or five times a day when they become addicted, Continue reading THE AGONY BEHIND SMOKING TOBACCO IN MALAWI